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Bremen: Gambling industry threatened with clear-cutting

At the meeting of the interior ministers of the federal states, Bremen's representative Ulrich Mäurer failed with his plans for a new regulation of gambling. In his own state of Bremen, however, Mäurer's Interior Department is working together with the Economics Department to put his own plans into practice. And that does not bode well for the gambling industry.

As the drafts for a gambling reform show, the number of gambling halls and betting offices in the state is to fall significantly. By 2024, a large proportion of businesses could thus disappear from the scene. Industry representatives criticize the plans, but Bremen's politicians seem hell-bent.

Bremen: Fewer gambling offers and less convenience

In Bremen, the Department of Economic Affairs and the Department of the Interior are currently working diligently to revise the state's gambling law. As early as 2024, new "rules of the game" are to take effect, which could have horrendous consequences for the gambling industry. If the draft law is to be believed, the minimum distance between gaming halls is to be increased from the current 250 meters to 500 meters. In addition, betting shops and gaming halls alike may now only be located at least 250 meters from a secondary school.

However, Bremen's politicians would like to restrict gaming even further. In future, for example, it will be forbidden to provide players and visitors in gambling establishments with drinks or food. Access to gambling facilities is also to be adjusted. Instead of the current minimum age of 18, access to gambling facilities will be restricted to 21 years of age. Within socially deprived districts, the interior authority also wants to stop issuing licenses altogether.

Decision-making process draws fierce criticism

Already the decisions of the policy provide in many places for criticism. But even more critical is the way in which decisions are made. In case of doubt, the gambling establishment whose operator has more branches in the state is to be given the go-ahead. If this number is identical, the decision will be made by lot. In other words, in case of doubt, the luck of the draw will decide whether people can keep their jobs or not. A very questionable decision, but one that still has to be rubber-stamped by various bodies anyway. Experience from other German states shows: The lottery procedure in the awarding of concessions is generally not permissible.

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