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"What to Write About?": Finding Ideas for the Book

What to do. Sort yourself out, study yourself. Don't be afraid. Legend has it that Stephen King became a famous mystic on the advice of a psychiatrist who recommended processing your own fears. Understand what's tormenting you, what you're missing. This is probably the essence of ideas in the realization of secret desires and aspirations. Maybe at heart you are an Amazon, but in reality you have to sit in the accounting department for reports? It's excruciating. But buy essay in 3 hours there's always an idea outlet for soulful fulfillment. 😉

A realistic approach to finding ideas for a book

"Wanting something, but I don't know what" is also a type of "no idea". It looks like the body's demands - it wants to eat something, but what - it is not clear, and even a trip to the store does not solve the problem.

Where does this desire come from? Often - from the fact that you like to read, but all write the same old, boring, and you want something fresh (but do not write yourself?). Often - from the fact that everyone around you is writing, and writing - it's a virus, everyone writes - and I want to. And also - just from the desire to become a writer. You want to be known, to have your books published and bought, to (what the hell?) become famous.

What to do? First, shove the dreams of immediate and high-profile fame away from sin. An 18-20-25-year-old author who will write a masterpiece in a month and for centuries is a fantasy. Sholokhov, Gorky, and other talents are exceptions that prove the rule. As sad as it is, writing is work, math homework help long and hard. So, first of all, learn to work and believe in yourself.

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